In search of the old Antwerp’s Stock Exchange

The first building in the world designed as stock exchange and trade exchange was in Antwerp (Belgium). It was built in 1531, near the Meir (a shopping borough in the center of Antwerp).

Antwerp Stock Exchange

The building burned down in 1858, but was reconstructed at the end of the 19th century. Here is an old photography of the place:

Antwerp Stock Exchange

Even if it was definitely closed 15 years ago, the building is still there but all the legal entrances are sealed. That is a shame because it is (sorry, was) probably one of the most beautiful buildings of Antwerp. One photographer (urban explorer) told me one day that he was obliged to go through the sewers in order to get into the old building.

I was in Antwerp today, and I tried to reach the old exchange through one of the four entrances, but this is impossible:

Antwerp Stock Exchange20140308_142215

All the doors are blocked and plugged, but I found a hole in one of the doors, and even if the hole was too high (I did not see what my smartphone saw when I shoot), I successfully took two photographies where we can perceive the inside of the old beurs:

Antwerp Stock ExchangeAntwerp Stock Exchange

Unfortunately, I know that the building is now nearly destroyed (it will probably be turned into a 5 star hotel). And I probably won’t be able to admire what it was possible to see some years ago:

Antwerp Stock Exchange


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  1. I recognise this place, it has been the place of a photo shooting by Benjamin Von Wong when he was in Belgium. Here is the link of the blogpost with a video. You should find it interesting :
    Je ne comprends pas comment on peut détruire un endroit comme celui-là pour construire un putain d’hôtel. Les gens sont tarés !


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