My book in “Paris Match”

As a book publisher I have never thought having a review of one of “my” books in Paris Match. That’s why I am so amazed to read a review of my own book about markets and HFT (with a short interview) in this famous French newspaper, due to be published tomorrow (May 28, 2014). It will be interesting to see if such an article helps to sell books.


Paris Match



  1. Cher 5,

    Un colloque ” La cybersécurité dans le système financier ” est organisé par la Banque de France le mardi 17 juin prochain dans ses locaux.
    Je n’ai pas d’autres éléments.

    Contacts :
    Mail :
    Tel :
    – Caroline Keribin : 01 42 92 96 98
    – Maxence Zinguillian : 01 42 92 51 23



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