International Workshop Series | Investigating HFT

I have been invited for a talk at the International Workshop Series: Investigating High-Frequency Trading. Theoretical, social and anthropological perspectives conference. The first workshop will take place in Copenhagen next week, on November 24-25, and I’m glad to catch up with Donald Mackenzie, Juan Pardo-Guerra, Alex Preda, Marc Lenglet ant other fine researchers for my first speech about HFT in an academic conference.

The full program is now available (more about the workshop series there):

Workshop 1
Copenhagen Business School | 24-25 November 2014
“HFT sociality, crowd psychology and dynamic collectives”

Day 1 | Monday 24 November 9:30–10:00
‘Rhythms of the Market Crowd: A Lefebvrean Rhythmanalysis of Financial Markets’ Kristian Bondo Hansen
‘Trading Machines and Communication in Finance: Do Markets Still Chat in the Era of Robots?’ Alex Preda
12:00–13:00: Lunch Break
‘A Material Sociology of High-Frequency Trading’ Donald Mackenzie
‘High Frequency Trading and Price Discovery in the UK Equity Market’ Evangelos Benos
15:00–15:30: Coffee Break
‘How to Succeed as a High-Frequency Trader: Problematizations of Trading Subjects in an Era of Automated Trading’ Christian Borch
‘The Varieties of Affective Relations in Socio-Technical Collectives: A Study of Automated Trading’ Robert Seyfert

Day 2 | Tuesday 25 November
‘Where do Electronic Markets Come From? Regulation and the Transformation of Financial Exchanges’ Yuval Millo
‘The Sociology of Algorithmic Trading and Market Structure Regulation’ Nathan Coombs
‘Taming markets? A Philosophical Perspective on The Regulation of High-Frequency Trading’ Marc Lenglet
12:00–13:30: Lunch Break
‘From Crowds to Queues: How Technology Transformed the Nature of Finance’ Juan Pablo Pado-Guerra
‘Crowding of Adaptive Strategies: Signals and Noise in High-Frequency Trading’ Ann-Christina Lange
15:30–16:00: Coffee Break
‘Crowded Networks: Microwave Technology and the Nature of Exchanges in the HFT world’ Alexandre Laumonier





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