I realized yesterday I forgot the most important point in the conclusion of the first season’s series finale: the map! As I wrote in this last episode, this map is a web of possibilities – some paths are the real ones, other are only possible routes since competitors have licenses here or there but no dishes installed, etc. I learnt on this forum that I saved a (HFT?) firm “a few months work”; that means this map is a little bit bankable. Up to $47,000? – just kidding. You can download the kmz file here or by clicking on the map below – but don’t use it with Google Drive (it’s a mess), download the file and open it with Google Earth, that’s better. The recent New Line Networks paths are included, but without the Ofcom links/licenses. That said, this map is probably a decent start. If you want to write me a check, send the money on this bank account (IBAN BE27 0688 9041 6173. BIC GKCCBEBB), this is the account of my not-for-profit book company, I need $5,000 for a book about a fascinating medieval cartographer I’ll publish in September. Be generous. Thanks.

Capture d’écran 2015-04-15 à 08.33.18




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